BTS rule the Gaon Digital singles outline in their nation of origin of South Korea for a fifth back to back week with their most recent track “Margarine,” which battles off all competitors…though there’s just one new tune that shows up inside the main 10 interestingly this casing, so risks are it wasn’t too extreme a battle. 

The Gaon Digital outline positions the most well known, most-burned-through melodies in South Korea consistently utilizing a procedure that consolidates deals, streaming and what is called BGM, which represents ambient sound (generally utilized in different types of media). 

As BTS’s “Margarine” keeps its power over the best position, Aespa’s “Next Level” stays consistent at its No. 2 top also, which means the most elevated two rungs see no development this edge. 

The sole new participant inside the current week’s main 10 on the Gaon Digital outline comes from Brave Girls, a young lady bunch encountering an unfathomable resurgence in notoriety. After their more seasoned track “Rollin'” acquired new prevalence in the relatively recent past, the band started chipping away at new material. Last week, they dropped their first EP in quite a while, Summer Queen, and since task’s lead single “Chi Mat Ba Ram” has broken into the loftiest level. The track vaults from right external the best 10 to No. 3, giving the group their third top 10 crush in the country.



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